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Waterford crystal footed bowl patterns| 10 most Popular Suppliers

When it’s crystal we talking about, there is no way that Waterford crystals won’t be mentioned. Waterford crystal wares have plenty of types and designs.

One of the popular ones is Waterford footed bowl. These bowls are often used for serving fruits.

Waterford crystal footed bowl patterns are very unique and beautiful.

Waterford crystal footed bowl patterns| 10 most Popular in 2019

Waterford crystal qualities

Waterford crystal qualitiesCrystals are scientifically referred to the materials with ordered molecules. With this definition, many of our stuff at home are considered a crystal. Things you wouldn’t believe they are in crystal category. Also, considering this definition one of the very few materials that is not a crystal, is the Crystal we know!

This might be confusing but true. Glass or crystal has a very disorganized molecules that are not in any orders. This makes crystal or glass, a none crystal.

Aside from this, the Crystal term is commonly used for the pretty shiny materials. Whether Precious stones or expensive glass items, they are considered crystals.

Crystal wares contain lead in a rate of 18-40% PbO in it. Due to that, Crystal is also called lead glass. Typical glass also contains lead, but in low amounts.

The lead inside the crystal, makes it very easy to shape. Because of that, you can find real crystals more shaped and with a thin rim. The fake ones are all with thick rims and without any particular patterns.

Waterford crystals company was founded in 1783 in Ireland. The time that founders began their job, they had the goal to become the finest glass ware in the whole Europe. Since then, they have achieved their goals as Waterford crystals is one of the pioneers in the industry.

waterford crystal footed bowl; modern and stylish

waterford crystal footed bowl; modern and stylishWaterford crystal has many modern and stylish types. You can find all sorts of decorative or Practical items in their shops. Waterford produces Different kinds of bowls, vases, lamps, bowls, wine glasses and decanters.

All of them have a unique patterns and shapes. They are produced with the best quality that you can imagine. Waterford company uses real lead unlike most of the other companies. Due to some health reports on the lead inside the crystals, many companies use lead substitute. This helps them avoid the possible problems.

Among them, Waterford and few other companies continue to use the real lead. Real lead makes very difference inside the crystal. Because it helps the craftsmen to do better cut glass on their work.

Crystal wares with real lead, are very expensive compared to other types. Both because they are rare and also for their very modern and stylish patterns.

10 popular waterford crystal footed bowl patterns

10 popular waterford crystal footed bowl patternsWaterford produces many famous bowl patterns. They are mostly known for serving fruits. Although some people might use them to serve food as well.

They are mostly known for their beautiful designs and patterns. Also above all that, they have the best quality which makes them an item on many people’s wish list.

There aren’t many companies that both has the art features and quality. Waterford crystals is definitely one of them.

Many bowls are produced in Waterford. One of the useful ones might be the footed bowl. This item has a great look on your desk or in your decor.

Footed bowl itself has many different patterns and shapes. Some of the famous ones are:

  • Lismore Nouveau footed bowl
  • Lismore footed bowl
  • Caprice footed bowl
  • Christmas night footed bowl
  • Lismore Diamond footed bowl

And so many more that you can find in company’s website.

where to buy waterford crystal footed bowl?

where to buy waterford crystal footed bowl?Waterford crystals can be found in many authentic crystal shops around the world. Above all, there is a central Waterford facility. This place offers visitors and tourists, a tour in the Waterford factory. Also visitor have the chance to see the biggest collection of Waterford products.

In this facility you can visit, learn and buy the item you always were looking for. So paying a visit to this amazing facility would be interesting for you.

Another way to buy Waterford footed crystal bowl, is to search for in online. Many online shops provide all sorts of crystal wares. So you may find the footed bowl you want.

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