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square crystal dessert plates | Modern crystal dishes with reasonable price

square crystal dessert plates

Today, few can claim that they are not familiar with crystals and dishes, because these types of products are available in many supermarket stores, and in addition to many friends and celebrities in many parties and times. Used. Crystal containers are always known for their eye-catching appearance. These containers have unique designs that give them a three-dimensional structure, which results in a failure of their light and luminous appearance. Crystal containers were used extensively in the past, but there are now many questions about their potential dangers, and many families do not accept the risk of using such containers.

square crystal dessert plates | Modern crystal dishes with reasonable price

selling cut glass crystal in bulk

selling cut glass crystal in bulkcut glass crystal

What is lead crystal?

The common crystal found today in the market is actually a kind of glass that replaces lime or calcium during the production process of lead oxide. This addition of lead creates unique properties for ordinary glass and converts it into crystals. One of these features is the orderly molecular structure that originates from the presence of lead in the crystal. In other words, the molecules in the crystal, in contrast to ordinary glass, have a regular and three-dimensional structure, and therefore reflect light with a special effect. In addition, when lead crystals leave the furnace, they retain their flexibility for a long time and allow artists to make unique designs and cassettes on their bodies.

most popular crystal dishes model 2019

most popular crystal dishes model 2019selling crystal

Is Crystal Leaded To Health?

Today, there is a lot of discussion about lead penetration into food served in crystalline containers, and a number of experts believe that the amount of lead that is transported to liquids and food will depend on the duration of their contact with the crystal body of the dishes. So, the more you allow the food (especially the warm liquids) to remain in the crystal glass pitcher, the more their lead content will be. On the other hand, studies have shown that even the lowest levels of lead are harmful to health. As a result, the liquids and food ingredients in the crystalline containers are dangerous.

best cut glass crystal factories in the world

best cut glass crystal factories in the worldWhat is the damaged lead crystal?

The lead in crystals is heavy metal, which in many cases causes blood disorders and adversely affects the human nervous system. Lead for children is far more dangerous and can lead to serious and permanent brain damage. For this reason, lead crystals in European and US countries are almost obsolete, and fewer people drink drinks and finds food within them reasonably well. Interestingly, over time crystal consumption is prohibited in other industries and products containing this metal are immediately referred.

crystal plate price list 2019

crystal plate price list 2019How to recognize the lead crystal?

The easiest way to identify a lead crystal is to slowly hit it. If the sound produced by the dying sound is pleasant and long, it’s likely that the dish you’re looking for is crystal, because ordinary glasses produce a not so sweet and extremely short sound. Other methods used to detect lead crystals include weighting and examining their apparent features.

Leaded crystals have a much heavier body than ordinary glass, because there is heavy metal called lead. Of course, you should not forget that the thickness of the glass containers affects these types of comparisons. For example, ordinary thick-walled glass can even be heavier than lead crystals.

The third approach is to look at the beautiful appearance and eye-catching glow of crystalline containers, which is the main reason for the popularity of these types of products. To detect the crystal, simply place the container in the light and check the reaction. If your container displays the rainbow effect by parsing the light, it is likely to have a regular glass structure and can not be crystalline. But if the light is reflected after collision with the body of the vessel with more luminosity in different directions, then the product you have is the crystal.

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