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crystal punch bowl set value | 10 Tips to Make Profit in Buying Crystal

crystal punch bowl set value

Crystal is called a substance with regularly formed particles in three directions. Among the people, the lead glass is known as crystal. The crystal is actually a glass in which lead oxide is added and instead of calcium The weight percent of lead oxide forms between 18% and 40% of the total glass weight.

In crystalline products, 24% of the total weight of lead oxide is usually used. The crystal is most used for decorative and decorative purposes. Please note that the use of crystal containers for some drinks and desserts may cause illness.

What is a crystal and its difference with crystal:

1 Crystal weight is greater than crystal. One of the most distinct crystal differences is its weight relative to volume.

2 Transparency and lack of wave in the container

3 Crystal can be heard due to the sound of the alarm sound (depending on the design of the container, the volume is slightly variable)

4 crystal containers are less objectionable, having unconventional bubbles or excessive bubbles, bugs such as unplugging the door and …


When you buy a card, you will find a valid invoice along with your purchase.

If you see a dish similar to the dish at a much lower price, you have a little doubt.

crystal punch bowl set value| 10 Tips to Make Profit in Buying Crystal

bestseller punch bowl set models 2019

bestseller punch bowl set models 2019

crystal bowl

Recommend to buy crystals:

One –

Have a product as your goal, for example, if you are looking for a glass. In a few stores, what’s the store, or the store that you are referring to in person.

One or more cups you like, ask the seller for price and product details, and if you are a virtual store, go to the details section of the product.

Remember the price of the mug and start checking out other stores.

Two –

What you need to check are: price, product grade (crystal, crystal, crystalline, etc.), probabilistic problems such as having a lot of bubbles, filling the product, not pairing in multiples. (Be careful. Crystal is also possible

There are tiny bubbles, especially handmade, hand work may have a slightly different color in colored products or have a very small size difference, but note that this product was produced by a man by blowing in a molten glass and Much more than a factory production)

most dominant crystal bowl set wholesaler and suppliers

most dominant crystal bowl set wholesaler and supplierslarge crystal bowl

Three –

After you have checked between your choices and selected your store, get a salesperson from the salesperson. Inside your invoice, you will have the name of the product with the specification number, unit price, total price, plus the store profile, name, address And the store number is available. The invoice allows you to track down the counterfeit product if the seller delivers you a different product and return the product or if you want to get the price difference.

Four –

The brands that are on the product and even the carving are not a good term, on the other hand, if you approached a product and the apparent qualities of the product were acceptable, which country would be excluded from buying just because your product was manufactured. do not do. Many crystal and crystal products in Iran have good quality.

where to buy punch bowl with low price?

where to buy punch bowl with low price?lead crystal fruit bowl

Use and maintenance

Crystal cup holders and washers:


Crystal and crystal containers usually have a delicate design and you need to be careful when moving, before you move your product, make sure you have the right space for the dish,

When you put a few crystal droplets at very low distances, you can collapse when handling or cleaning the product and may cause the product to fill the lips.

You have to take a little time and first take all the products slowly out of the decor or on the table, after cleaning your decor, put each individual dish in the deck or on the table.

When you place a product, try lifting it a little, pulling the product on the table will make fine lines.

In products such as double candlestick candlesticks or baskets, candies and chocolates, and other two-part products, when moving, be sure to hold the upper part with a base and with the other hand, note that many of these products are the base part Here are pasted with special glue. (The reason for this is to prevent breakage of the product when transported from the source, most basic and body products are delivered separately from the factory and are glued with a special adhesive)

If you use artificial flowers for pots or candlesticks for decorative candles, beware excess weight does not cause overturning, especially in the case of large artificial flowers caused by the collision of people with these flowers and flowers, self The container is also moving and causing damage to the product.

crystal punch bowl set with factory price

crystal punch bowl set with factory pricewhere can i sell crystal glassware

Wash products:

For the product wash, given that most of these products are used for decor.

Usually, materials such as oils that make the container greasy are not used internally.

Therefore, it is not necessary to wash with strong detergent or hardening agent such as hard scum, or wire. Think about this, only damage your container and make fine lines on the container. Drying the product must also be precise Use soft cloth.

Washing with a dishwasher:

Some friends with their studies know that candy such as crystal should not be placed inside a dishwasher. Dining with a dishwasher can cause your product to lose its luminance and fade. Occasionally, it creates tiny lines.


Inserting these containers with high temperatures, especially asymmetrically, creates a concentrated stress in the dishes and cracking or cracking the product.

antique crystal glassware value

prohibited usage :

Besides the fact that lead is more crystalline due to its brilliance and beauty, lead is harmful to the human body. When using this product, it is important to note that:

The products available under the name Crystal are 24% lead oxide. And crystalline products about 12%.

It is not recommended at this time for such uses as drinking soft drinks or hot drinks, yogurt and pickles, and materials that lead to soluble lead.

Of course, this is more for the crystal, and crystalline is almost acceptable, but I suggest that you use this material in other containers (crystal light and crystal).

Maintenance of vinegar, pickles, lemon juice and … Even the water for a long time in lead products leads to the dissolution of lead in matter and you allow lead oxide to enter your body.

One of the reasons why the new products are made more than crystal-light is the same, Crystal Lite does not have lead, like crystal, but the two are different in terms of quality, which is beyond the scope of the topic.

In fact, crystalline beauty is almost crystalline, but it does not hurt for health.

How Much Taxes are added to Crystalware Export Costs?

How Much Taxes are added to Crystalware Export Costs?vintage glassware

Crystal authenticity detection

This article has been written to become familiar with crystal, crystal, crystal, crystal light, as well as the recognition of the originality of the product in question.

What is crystal

In the meaning of the word: the word crystal is quite similar to a crystal meaning a substance whose particles are arranged in order with each other. But the meaning that is known in the market and among people for crystal containers

In fact, lead glass is lead. The amount of lead oxide varies and at best reaches 24%, due to the heavy weight of the crystal products of the same substance. Another feature of these types of products is their luminosity. Given that 24% of this product is lead oxide Data of these types of containers is heavier than glass.

What is crystal

The crystal has the same meaning as the crystal in the word. But they’re meant to be products that do not contain lead oxide, they are slightly luminous and weigh less lightweight than the volume of the container.

Crystal Light:

Crystal Light, which in its original word is crystallite, which has the same meaning in terms of crystals and crystals, does not exist in crystallite like lead oxide crystals, but when you see these products, they are very close to the crystal, because of this The method of operation of this type of product is, in fact, when the products are cooled and shaped, they control the crystallization process by controlling the various factors and forming a more regular substance. Crystal products have a lower weight than crystals, and they are less expensive.


Crystaline is another type of product that contains lead oxide in its composition, but its lead content is less than 24%, usually the lead oxide content in this type of container is about 12%. The reason is the creation of crystalline and crystalline products, some of the rules that have been created and the use of crystal containers for some drinks and substances such as pickles are prohibited.

5 Tips to Buy Crystal in Wholesale Market

5 Tips to Buy Crystal in Wholesale Marketantique glassware price guide

The differences :

1-Production quality:

To do this, you must have purchased the original products before and you must know, or if you have the first time, you should compare the product, for example, the Czech country, then follow the same Chinese production plan and notice the difference.

2. Weight of containers:

As explained in the explanation of the words, crystal products are the heaviest and then crystalline, and at the end crystalline and crystal. The weight also helps you, of course, be careful to compare the two similar containers to see this difference in weight.

3- Price:

The prices of these products are very different.

2019 Models & Designs for Crystal Bowls?

2019 Models & Designs for Crystal Bowls?

crystal glass company

4. Disadvantages:

The products that are original, that is, the better quality of the product, will be seen as less defects.

Sound caused by impact on the product:

Crystal containers usually make a ring tone, of course, this is not an exact criterion, why? The sound produced, in addition to the material’s composition, depends on the shape of the container itself,

For example, a voice that produces a cup, for example, is very different in the sound that a fruit can produce. However, if there are two similar containers, the sound can also help. The sound of a crystal product is like a ring.

About the product to leave:

If the sound created by the impact is a muffled sound, it will strike you and sound like a hit on the plastic dishes. A bump and a short sound indicates that the product is likely to be cracked.

Are Newest Models of Crystalware Expensive?

Are Newest Models of Crystalware Expensive?crystal glassware brands

Glass and crystal differences

Regardless of the difference in the chemical composition of the glass and the crystal, which at first glance is not recognizable. These two sexes are very different, and some examples of these differences are listed below:

Thickness: The crystal is more delicate than glass, and it can be decorated more easily. Typically, they heat up the glass so they can get it in the way they want. The presence of lead in the glass composition reduces the working temperature and improves the ability to decorate it. As a result, crystal shapes can be made brighter. Although the presence of lead causes the crystal to be more readily formable, it becomes more fragile and easier to squeeze.

Crystal has a prism: place the container in the light. If your container has a prism pattern and when you expose it to light, you see the rainbow state, that is the crystal vessel. Otherwise it is glass.

Transparency: Glasses, especially those made of soda ash, are cloudy when exposed to light. On the other hand, crystals are known for their clarity. Using dishes and crystal glasses allows the individual to easily see the contents of the dish. The more lead in the crystal is, the more transparency it becomes.

Are Value & Prices of Crystalware Related to Each Other?

Are Value & Prices of Crystalware Related to Each Other?

Cutting: Crystal is easier to cut and polished. Plus, it’s softer. Instead, the glass is more fragile and sharper. One way to detect glass from a crystal is to drag it to the edge of the container, the crystal is softer. The glass is sharper.

Sound: Another difference between glass and crystal is the sound produced when striking them. When you hit the crystal, a ringing tone sounds. While the glass is not the same, it creates a slower sound that is not like the alarm.

Weight: Because lead is a heavy metal, the crystal is usually heavier than glass. Another way of detecting crystals from glass is by taking two dishes. The glass is often light, while the crystal is heavy.

How Crystalware Exports Affect on Economy?

How Crystalware Exports Affect on Economy?

Health Effects: Most factories recommend that you do not keep food and drink in crystal containers containing lead. Because there is a risk of poisoning with lead. For this reason, crystal containers often have decorative elements. Some factories use zinc oxide, barium oxide, and potassium oxide instead of lead to make lead-like compounds for lead-free crystals. Lead-free crystals have almost all the characteristics of lead crystal, with the difference that they are lighter. Instead, a variety of sulfate-limestone, borosilicate, and quartz fuses are safe for health.

According to what you read in this article, crystal and crystal containers have a lot of differences. The choice between these two depends on your type of use and budget.

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