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Crystal Seahorse Oval Bowl| Top Luxury Model of Crystal Wares in 2018

Crystal containers include utensils that have their own fans, most of them ladies. Crystal containers are used because of beautiful cuticles, and most of their price is used as decor. Storing crystal containers is a special way for you, especially for crystal dishes that are used as decor. Crystal beverage containers should be cleaned from their body parts because if you hold the base of crystal containers it is likely that the base is broken, because the crystal containers are very sensitive and fragile, which is why the crystal containers It should be washed until it is at room temperature because it breaks with the slightest change in temperature. Crystal containers are especially sensitive to crystalline crystals that are not used to wash them better than strong detergents and the best way to clean and gloss crystal containers using water and white vinegar. Try to wash crystal containers with hand, as using powder or detergent and scotch may cause abrasion and scratching on the crystal. Different countries are producing crystal vessels, the most famous of which is the crystal of the Czech Republic. Other Crystal-producing countries also include Germany, Italy, Turkey, France and Iran . crystal seahorse oval bowl It has a high sales in Iran .

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